15 questions on my mind about this year’s college football season (yes, some are random).

15.  How much air time will be dedicated to Super Conference avoidance and its obvious destiny?

14.  Wondering when Georgia will bring out the new Uga?

13. Will Steve Spurrier bring success to USC finally?

12. Is this UNC’s year for ….(oh wait, NCAA investigation might hamper that)?

11.  Anyone with a heart wants to watch ACC athlete from Boston College, Mark Herzlich, do well this year after his battle with cancer.  This will be the tear jerk story of college football throughout 2010, especially if he performs as well as he did before his diagnosis.  

10. Who will be the quarterback at Ole Miss? Houston Nutt has some tough choices to make.

9. Will Arkansas live up to the hype (or get sidelined quickly with a loss against Texas A&M in Dallas?)

8.  Will Jerrod Johnson be the best quarterback in the Big XII?

7. Wondering how long Joe Paterno will coach football at Penn State?

6. Can Will Muschamp stick around Texas any longer or will he finally jump ship?

5. Wondering if Clemson will have another real Thunder and Lightning duo of running backs?

4. Will Houston QB Case Keenum go down as one of the best college quarterbacks in history…he has a shot at three 5,000 yard seasons in a row by the way.

3. Will Mark Ingram win the Heisman Trophy again this year?

2.Can Alabama repeat for a BCS national championship or even another SEC championship? 

1. Wondering what record and what bowl game Texas A&M will attend at the end of the season?

Photo Credit: Jayal Aheram

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  1. Frank Noca says

    Joe Paterno died 23 years ago. How do you think they got the idea for Weekend at Bernie’s? VIVA LA JOPA!